Love It or Hate It: The Drape Cardigan

I went shopping with my pregnant sister-in-law the other day. While there, I discovered the wonder of the maternity jean (seriously, why non-pregnant girls don’t wear these, I’ll never know), the awkwardness of being slightly overweight in a pregnancy store (“Just so you all know, I’M NOT PREGGERS!”), and the variety of clothing that pregnant women can wear no matter how big they get.

We ended up leaving with a few cardigans that camoflauge the baby belly by draping longer in the front than in the back, something I assumed was a pregnancy thing.

But on our way out I noticed those very same sweaters hanging all over Nordstrom. For a moment I thought I was in some new maternity section, but I was actually in BP. Was Nordstrom promoting underage pregnancy, or was this a style that was actually popular?

I was so confused. Weren’t we finally moving away from the tops that make people think they’re pregnant? Isn’t a ton of extra material dangling off your front just going to make you look bigger? And what do you do with all that…drape-age? I felt the desire to tie it into a big bow, which I’m sure isn’t the intention.

Please explain this to me.

The Drape Cardigan – Love it or Hate it?

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Eff You, Blakely, Georgia
Eff You, Blakely, Georgia
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