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Go, GoJane, Go! Trendy Shopping On The Web And On The Cheap



With the economy being what it is, I’ve found myself turning to the Internet more and more for both my daily necessities and my fashion cravings. If I see something in a store I like, I immediately look it up online, sometimes while I’m still in the store (thank you, iPhone), to find out if I can get it online for cheaper.

Other stores exist only in the online realm, and those can be very hit or miss. And when they’re selling items from a brand I’ve never tried before, it can be a bit nerve wracking ordering anything. Thank the recession gods, then, that there are websites that sell non-brand but still on-trend fashions for prices that are so low, I can browse, buy, and try out different styles without taking (too much) away from my rent money. is a perfect example of an online-only store that sells trendy items for super cheap. The items are all brand, but like other trend chasing stores like Forever 21 and H&M, many of the GoJane items are almost identical copies of other popular brands and designer collections. They sell a pretty wide range of items, from shoes to prom dresses, and the clothing is suited for high school, college, and post-grad aged girls.

I took it upon myself to prowl the site, hunting for the best deals and cutest tops, bottoms, and boots, all in order to help you, dear College Candy reader, get started shopping on GoJane.

I’ve been eyeing these stud heel lace-up boots . They’re very similar to these Nine West “CUZZA” lace-up strapped boots, which, in turn, were inspired by a pair of Marc Jacobs’ ankle boots. I actually like the GoJane ones better than the Nine West ones because they’re a bit less rugged looking and a bit more fun. They’re currently on sale for $29.99, originally $42.99.


In college, your typical daily uniform probably consists of whatever jeans are clean and whatever shirt doesn’t smell, but every once and a while you do find yourself needing a cute dress and heels (like, when the parents come and you wrangle them into taking you that expensive Italian restaurant you could never afford on your student loan budget). One of my favorite dresses on the site is this purple chiffon flower tank dress on sale for $29.80. The flowers on the bust remind me of a 3.1 Phillip Lim design and the little princess shoulders and chiffon overlay are so pretty they make me want to wear a garland in my hair and throw a tea party.


If you want to go with a safe bet, try a pair of leggings, like these shiny liquid ones for $16.10, or these fun floral lace ones for $15.60.


Then there are things that I think are just plain ol’ adorable and just want to show you, like this colorblock shirt dress with an oh-so-cute drawstring waist and gold buttons on sale for $10.80, and these I-can’t-believe-how-cheap-they-are sailor jeans with a wide leg and button trim on sale for $28.70.

gojane_2033_348932306.gif gojane_2035_211817341.jpeg

When you’re done shopping, be sure to use the code GJSHIP50 if your order is over $50 (which really shouldn’t be too hard with all this cute shiz) to get yourself some super nifty free shipping. It’s like shopping in a store…only so much better.