All Made Up: Wear Green Makeup!

plantlove-eyeshadow.jpgYou’ve heard the truth about “organic” makeup, so what’s a girl to do when she wants to be environmentally cautious and fabulous all at the same time? The world of organic makeup seems shady at best with no real standards of any kind, but that is not the same story when it comes to Green makeup. There are a couple companies that really take environmental issues to heart and actually sell products that can help mother earth.

Cargo – Plant Love

Cargo has always had great makeup products, cool eye shadows and great blushes. But they recently launched a whole line of eco- friendly products. Everything from lipsticks, powders, foundations, liners, shadows, etc., all in super-biodegradable packaging. They even created the first ever compostable lipsticks! Made completely from corn, these lipstick tubes break down in a compost pile just like apple cores and banana peels.

The whole Plant Love line is certified by ECOCERT, which is kind of like a Better Business Bureau for eco-friendliness. They monitor not just the packaging, but the whole production process to make sure that the products are made, shipped and disposed of in way that is not too harsh on the environment. The coolest thing is the boxes the products come in actually have wildflower seeds in them! If you plant them, you can grow a garden. How’s that for green?

Urban Decay

So Cargo set the gold standard on environmentally friendly stuff, but Urban Decay leads the way with love for our furry friends. Urban Decay takes a big stand against animal testing and the brand is entirely cruelty-free. You know that old wives tale about fish scales being used in lipstick? That’s not an urban legend – it’s actually true. It’s kinda gross to think about, especially if you are someone who cares about animal rights. So to help you out Urban decay has a whole line of vegan products and even features seasonal looks using all vegan makeup. Just look for a purple paw print, “Marley’s Paw,” to get the vegan goods on their website.

Urban Decay takes their love for animals seriously and makes sure their makeup brushes and tools are cruelty free, too.  Squirrel hair makeup brushes? Really? Who wants squirrel hair touching her face? And since when is makeup application an excuse to harm animals? Urban Decay makes all of their brushes out of synthetic fibers that actually mimic the texture and flexibility of natural fibers, so they work just as good and there are no bald bunnies hopping around! Urban Decay even gets the PETA stamp of approval.

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