Saturday Read: I’m With the Band by Pamela Des Barres

51e4hwxgbrl_sl500_.jpgAlong with books, another obsession of mine is music. I have what one would call “eclectic” taste, in that I like absolutely EVERYTHING. You’re equally as likely to hear me rapping along to Biggie Smalls, belting out a classic from Fleetwood Mac or humming a tune from some little-known indie band about to blow up.

So clearly, I love music biographies.

If you read my list of 5 modern must-reads, you’ll know I encourage everyone to read rockstar biographies. I really love getting inside the brain and life of my favorite musicians; it totally changes the way I see them and gives me a glimpse into their life as a real person.

When I found “I’m With the Band” in the music section of my local bookstore I figured it would be another typical memoir from the music world, but I soon realized it wasn’t your typical music biography.

Pamela Des Barres was a groupie. Not just any groupie – a super groupie. She had flings or relationships with Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Keith Moon and even Don Johnson (yes, Miami Vice Don Johnson) and was Frank Zappa’s babysitter! Needless to say, she had an “in” in the music world.

Constantly surrounded by brilliant musicians, Pamela’s life was thrilling and glamorous and she reminisces on her star-studded past wonderfully. She is a naturally gifted writer and this memoir, set against the backdrop of sunny and glamourous California, sparkles. But don’t get confused; this book is no collection of escapades with famous rockstars. Pamela was a musician herself in the little known girls band GTO, so in addition to her stories about music’s greats,  she muses about her own life in the spotlight.

If you have any interest in music or music history, “I’m With the Band” is an absolute must read!

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