Smart and Chic: The Essentials for a Night Out

goingoutessentials.jpgAs my friends know, I never leave the house without fully stocking my purse with all of the essentials. The tricky part about that, however, is being prepared without looking like a bag lady.

In other words, you gotta make sure that you have what you need in the most miniature form possible. Here are some of my personal favorites to keep me prepared without ruining my outfit (or sweet dance moves) with a massive purse.

A wristlet: The right bag is step one to making sure you’re fully stocked with what you need for a night out. I prefer to use a wristlet because I can throw it around my wrist and not worry about it slipping off. Plus, they’re small enough to hold onto all night without crampin’ your style. Try to get one with a zipper – I once lost my ID and debit card due to a faulty clasp.

Lip gloss: But not any lip gloss. Be sure that you buy a shade that you can wear with almost any make up style. That way, you can just keep it in your purse without having to remember to switch it out every night. Also, try to get one that will moisurize your lips as well so you don’t have to take up precious purse space with an additional lip balm. I like MAC lip gloss in Spalicious.

Gum or Mints: I prefer to use mints because you don’t have to deal with wrappers or have to spit anything out. My freshman year of high school, I discovered Certs Powerful Mints for prom. The package has 60 powerful yet yummy mints in a package the size of a credit card. Perfectttt.

Band-Aids: Just stuff a couple in your purse in case of a pseudo emergency. You never know when you’ll get a blister from your cute new stilettos, get stepped on by girls in their (less) cute new stilettos, or need to patch up an unfortunate-looking rug burn. Band-Aids even come in convenient little travel packs of 20 bandages if you’re the injury-prone type.

A Hair Tie: I always keep one or two of these in my bag in case of an impromptu keg stand or game of flip cup. Plus, it doubles as a cheap money-clip of sorts. I put my money, my ID, and my debit card in a stack then wrap my hair tie around it to keep my ish together. I’m a fan of Scunci Large Satin No Damage® Elastics in black.

Important Contacts: No, I’m not suggesting you tote around your little black book. As a safety precaution, be sure you always carry numbers you may need in a pinch. Include the contact information for the university’s police, safety services, and the friends you go out with the most often. Just write it on a little card and stick it with your credit card and ID. You never know the next time you’re could lose your cell phone (or drop it in a pitcher of Sangria) or get stranded across town without a ride.

So those are my essentials. What are your favorite items take along when you spend a night on the town?

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