Hellooooo, February


february_03.gifEven though it seems like the New Year’s parties were only last week, February is already here! It’s the second month in the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s second-par in anything!

There are plenty of reasons to love February: it’s Black History Month, American Heart Month, and even National Cherry Month! Not to mention it’s the month of the ever-so-lovely Valentine’s Day (or not-so-lovely, in this single girl’s case). So spit out those cherry pits and get ready for some February action:

1. Happy Year of the Ox! On January 26th, billions of people celebrated the beginning of the Lunar New Year with noisy firecrackers and traditional food, but the fun doesn’t end there! This celebration lasts a full week, well into February, and you can join in the festivities too! Make your own bubble tea, create your own lion dance, but most importantly, ask your parents for that lucky red hong bao filled with money they owe you in the name of all that is Asian.

2. It’s ok to start off this month a little on the meatier side, after a delightful (and delectable) holiday experience, not to mention all the V-day chocolate fondues. While grandma’s homemade chocolate-chip cookies were wonderful for your taste buds, they were not so friendly for your waist. It’s totally fine to embrace your curves, like Jessica Simpson does, but it’s important to stay healthy too! Here are a couple of new books that will help you stay on track and stick to your resolutions you so adamantly vowed to keep 31 days ago. So take some time this month to catch up on your light reading. (Haha, light, get it? Witty, I know.)

3. Speaking of resolutions, YAY for making them! And double YAY’s for keeping them too! Whatever you’ve promised in January transfers into this month as well, so open that new Twilight book your friends have been begging you to read, pull out that yoga mat you got yourself for Christmas, or just hibernate under your covers for a good 8 hours (which I haven’t done since…wow, well before college started in August. I blame it on Red Bull-induced cram sessions). For me, I plan to try out some new group fitness workouts; ever heard of Nia?

4. Sadly, beloved American author John Updike has passed away, but don’t let your passion for reading depart too. Perez Hilton (whose website is a daily Hollywood bible for me) has launched his scandalous new book on how to be fabulously famous. And my favorite author, John Grisham, just came out with the latest courtroom drama! The famous Steven King even read Charlie Huston’s new book (warning: do not read in front of others if you’re prone to laughing out loud). So many good books to read by the firelight with a mug of hot chocolate (or, for the broke college kid, a plastic Target lamp with a cheap cup of cafeteria instant coffee).

5. 13 is no longer the unluckiest number; 14 is way scarier for many single college kids out there. Specifically, February the 14th. This time around, though, celebrate your single-ness! Indulge yourself in a little chocolate (did you know there’s a Best Fine Chocolate Award?). Send yourself a virtual bouquet of flowers (pro for the non-green-thumbed like me: they can’t die), or spirtz on some yummy scents like Dots and Tootsie Rolls, and you’ll never even notice the missing man-candy!

February may be a short month, but it’s definitely gonna be a good one.

I am currently a sophomore at Duke University (AKA the best college ever!) and I can seriously say that I'm livin' the American Dream. I've lived in the States all my life until 10th grade, at which point job transfers led us to move to Shanghai, China. So I guess I'm a Chinese-American, a twinkie, a banana, and an ABC. Sah-weet! There are so many things out there that I love (besides Duke basketball, obvi) including juicy celebrity gossip, yummy new recipes, the latest new trends, fitness tips, or just some DANK STUFF (yes, I used the word dank). I'm undeclared right now, but I'm leaning towards a psychology & public policy double major, and a certificate in journalism. My dream is to become a broadcast journalist, and maybe someday become a sort of "Asian Oprah.". I would love to work in the international field of journalism so I can combine my Chinese and American heritages together into one melting pot of awesomeness. Oh, that reminds me. If you're ever in North Carolina, I'd be happy to give you a tour of our lovely campus. And if you're ever in Shanghai for the Summer or Winter breaks, let me know and I will show you what it's like living in the best city in the world.
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