Style Idol: Padma Lakshmi is Full of Fashion Flavor

The food isn’t the only hot thing on Bravo’s hit show Top Chef; the host, and former model, Padma Lakshmi always adds a little spice to things with her great fashion sense.

Both in and out of the kitchen, Padma is looks consistently pulled together and fabulous. She’s a big fan of fun and flirty dresses, adorned with draping and beautiful details that are oftentimes inspired by her Indian heritage. She’s got gorgeous gams that she loves to show off in mini-dresses, but she also knows how to pull off (and totally rock) the menswear-inspired look. Lakshmi makes form fitting vests and classic trousers look ultra chic and feminine, which is not easy to pull off.

The most notable (and enviable) aspect of Padma’s signature style, though, is her love of bright colors that flatter her deep skintone. She looks fantastic in everything from bright yellow to hot pink, and she isn’t afraid to wear them. She also gets major bonus fierceness points for not shying away from pieces that expose the large scar on her right arm caused by a car accident when she was younger.

This girl is more than a Style Idol; she’s a freaking fashion hero.

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