Night Styler: Going Glam

Awards season is in full swing, which has got me drooling over all those leading ladies’ gorgeous gowns and dresses. Of course, I don’t have a few thousand spare bucks lying around to buy their specific pieces, but for a mere fraction of the price I, too, can look stunning and glamorous for that upcoming Oscar party, hot Valentine’s date, or ladies’ night out. I found this entire ensemble at Forever 21 for under $75.

You gotta start with a lovely dress, and while basic black is always a great option, picking an eye-popping color is also a great way to stand out. Dark blue and violet hues work wonderfully because they ad some pop, but they still have the slimming effect of black.

Basic black pumps are the way to go if you’re looking for glamour, and I love the old Hollywood look of these faux suede heels.

Now you just gotta properly accessorize and you’re good to go. You don’t want to overdo it and take away from the simple and sexy appeal of the dress, so a little vintage-inspired jewelry and a clutch are the perfect options.

This bag is great because you can always tuck the strap inside, or put it over your shoulder if you don’t want to be holding a clutch while you boogy; the necklace adds just enough punch without being overbearing; and what’s more glam than an old-style cocktail ring?

Now do your hair up all purty, put on some sultry make-up (smokey eyes or red lips would be great with this look) and go out and strut your stuff on your very own personal red carpet.

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