Starbucks Gets a Value Meal?

While some of us may be angry at the dismal state of the job market (Macy’s recently laid of 7,000 workers!), the foreclosures, the lay offs etc., we can thank our failing economy for at least one good thing: a little treat called the Starbucks value meal.

That’s right ladies; no more splurging on a non-fat-no-whip-whipped-soy-mocha-latte.

Starbucks, notoriously quipped “fourbucks” for its outrageous coffee prices, seems to be suffering just like the rest of the country. Apparently people don’t feel like forking over $6 for a beverage when they aren’t sure they’ll have a job tomorrow.

In an attempt to keep up with the Dunkins (Starbucks’ biggest competition) and reel those coffee addicts back in, Starbucks is slashing prices and offering some tasty (and cheap) breakfast pairings.  Cheap Starbucks?! Looks like the recession just got a little silver lining.

Let’s break it down: a Dunkin Donuts medium drip coffee and egg white sandwich costs only $1.99. If Starbucks manages to match those prices and throw in some of those little brownie cookie things, I’m sold. And happy. And totally lovin’ the recession.

What can I say? Coffee is my crack. Cheap coffee is my…cheap crack?

While there aren’t many details that have been released, more information should be available by the end of the week. Personally, my Monday morning classes would be so much more enjoyable with some cheap coffee paired with something delicious, so the sooner the better, Starbucks.

And, while you’re at it, a dollar menu wouldn’t be a bad idea either!


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