Feel Like Buttah? Have Some Buttah!

Some “buttah” is exactly what dietician Edith Blum recommends in her new book, Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous, which claims that eating full-fat foods instead of fat-free foods can help you lose weight!

So what does this mean?

Chocolate every day? Check.

Cocktails? Check.

Cheese, chocolate cake, biscuits, avocado, whole milk, chips, and sorbets? Check, check, and check.

This “no-diet diet” allows you to enjoy the foods you love that are usually condemned by the common fad diets that we occassionally follow. Or try to follow, at least. But lemon water, cabbage soup, and a crate full of bananas just aren’t realistic methods of losing weight in the long run. Blum advises us to forget our traditional beliefs of what good foods and bad foods are, and focus on the nutritional qualities of each food instead.

On food:

Fat is good; we need cholesterol and certain saturated fats to make and regulate our hormones, so we can avoid depression and even cancer. Quality trumps quantity in importance, Blum stresses, so certain “fabulous fats” found in nuts, seeds, and olive oil should be ingested at every meal, while “frankenfats” such as those in low-fat, low-cholesterol spreads and margarines should be banned from your diet to ward off headaches and and joint aches. Eat egg yolks in conjunction with egg whites, and don’t say no to that little voice in your head that screams for a smear of hot butter on warm toast. Starchy foods like rice, beans, and corn are also good for you, as well as the occasional cocktail, as long as there’s no sugar.

On exercise:

Like most nutritionists, Blum says skipping meals is a big no, and exercising is a definite yes. But exercise should be considered “an opportunity, not a punishment,” so only do the things you really enjoy doing, like gardening, walking, or even pole dancing (for those of us who are a bit more risqué).

On sun:

You should also make sure you get at least 15 minutes of sun exposure at least three times a week for the vitamin D benefits, without sunscreen. This may alarm those who slather SPF 90 on themselves like   Martha Stewart slathers icing on a cake (and my dermatologist, to be sure), but Blum argues that most cancers are caused by lack of vitamin D.

On other stuff:

Other important nutrients include calcium, magnesium, primrose oil, borage oil, and milk thistle, all of which can be purchased as supplements to help suppress appetite and maintain healthy organ function (not to mention relieve those nasty PMS cramps).

Some foods are banned from the diet, however, including pasteurized milk, soy, white flour, and water drunk from plastic bottles.

So…will you try the no-diet diet? Or is it a no-go for you?

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The 4 Day Diet: My Inner Voice is a Total Biatch.
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