Is Anyone Really An Ex-Masturbator?

P4CM, a.k.a Passion for Christ Movement, an organization that (duh) is all about religion and serving Jesus, just launched a new line of tees to inspire people to free themselves through God.The tees announce to the world that the wearer has rid him or herself of poor habits and choices that are frowned upon by God. Things like being a diva, being a hypocrite, and being a slave.

Or, being a masturbator?

Yeah….their latest design, the “Ex-Masturbator” t-shirt,  addresses the question: Is masturbation seen as a good thing through God’s eyes? (Editor’s Note: I don’t care – it’s a great thing through my eyes!) And I think that’s great; really, I do. Everyone has a right to express themselves (and the things they do under the covers when they are alone at night) on a t-shirt, but I am just not sure people will rock this shirt with any sincerity.

I mean, how many guys do you know that are Ex-masturbators? Hell, how many guys do you know that can last longer than a day without doing it?


I’m not saying that no one is going to buy the shirt; in fact, I am pretty sure those things will sell out. I’m just confident that it won’t be actual “Ex-Masturbators” rocking the tees, but rather dopey fratboys on college campuses nationwide trying to get a few laughs…and into a girls pants for some truly sinful activities.

And I’m pretty sure that’s not what P4CM had in mind…

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