The 4 Day Diet: My Inner Voice is a Total Biatch.

[Jill has been dabbling in the 4 Day Diet and sharing her journey with us. See how her first week went here.]

Week Two was a lot harder for me than Week One. I lost 4 pounds in the first week, but my typical yo-yo self sees results and then thinks it’s a free for all. The Smooth and Protein Stretch modules gave me a lot more choices, more flexibility and my favorite 5 letter word: P-I-Z-Z-A. Holler. Surely any girl watching her weight would do a Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On type cheer if instructed to eat TWO pieces of pizza. But not me.

Because I knew once I started with the Pizza all hell would break loose.  And by hell I mean the inner voice inside of me who tells me that while watching TV, I should devour everything in my kitchen. She really is a biznatch, that voice. Sometimes I think that eating a little more peanut butter on a spoon with chocolate chips will shut her up. But sadly, that chick is too legit to quit, and even the recent salmonella threat won’t scare her away. Not-a-chance.

Not that I like to blame everything on that time of the month, but I think I had a harder time staying under control this week because I was so. very. PMS that even my boss noticed me crying at a commercial. True story.

By week’s end, the scale was back up the 4 pounds I was down; I’m hoping it was because of my monthly visitor, but after the amount I consumed (fresh baked banana bread, anyone?) I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just from over-doing it.

What this week did teach me, though, was this is life. There are always going to be bad weeks – that came in Loud and Clear – and there will be constant curve balls, or days when you just eat everything including the kitchen sink. And maybe you plateau a week, maybe you gain a pound, but as long as you start to be aware, accountable, and realize you are doing it, figure out why (stress and boredom are my problems) it should hopefully help you slowly but surely curb that habit. (And if not, now there is Extra Sugar Free Gum! Thank you product placement and the Biggest Loser!)

I know I’ve been here before, but I do think I am finally making a breakthrough in that I’m not giving up just because I effed up. I’m not throwing in the towel and swearing off this program saying it doesn’t work. I am holding myself accountable and re-evaluating what it is that leads me to go cuurrrazy around banana bread in the first place…

The Truth About Eating Disorders
The Truth About Eating Disorders
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