The CC Weekly Weigh In: What I Like About Me

Being college-aged women, we tend to spend more time noticing what we hate about ourselves than what we love. We stand in front of the mirror and pinch our fat, measure our thighs and obsess over our pale skin/big nose/ugly ears. But how often have you ever looked in the mirror and celebrated your body and yourself?

During a week we devoted to the Eating Disorder epidemic, we feel it is important to stop hating on ourseles and, instead, focus on the extraordinary things we have to offer. So, we asked the CollegeCandy writers what they loved about themselves and it looks like we have some pretty fantastic writers.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Amanda – Wagner: I love my ability to laugh at myself. I think its important not to take yourself too seriously and try to just laugh at all the crazy in your life. And, of course, I always have a good story to tell because if that.

Brithny – Duke: I love how I am an ABC- American Born Chinese. It’s given me more opportunities and experiences than I could ever hope for.

Leah – Ryerson University: I love my body as a whole.  I wouldn’t change one thing about it.

Alex – Lakehead University:  My smile and laugh. I snort and usually other people laugh at my laugh, so I get people smiling.

Donnette – Manhattanville College: My confidence.  I am tall and thin and have been judged unfairly because of the way I look, but I take it all in stride.  I do not allow the things people say to bring me down.

John – UConn: My twelve-foot stature, cast-iron beard, x-ray laser vision and the jetpack installed in my butt. Also, I have a gun that launches live wolves.

Liza M – Puget Sound: Definitely my nose. It’s cute and tiny. Totally button nose status!Kari – FSU: I love my natural ringlets…even though I’ve spent too many years and way too much money damaging them straight.

Lauren – University of Michigan: My lips…and the witty and fantastic things that come out of them.

Thu – USC: My sense of humor. I love laughing and making others laugh.

Liza – Grove City College: I love my belly!  It used to be really flat, but now I have a little pooch (probably from booze) and I’m in love with my little mini-beer belly.

Sara C- Fordham: My favorite personal trait is that I will speak my mind without worrying what other people will think. I am comfortable with myself and I know I have friends who love me for who I am and not who I try to be

Elizabeth – Berkeley: My smile; it took 8 years and 2 round of braces to get these pearly whites!

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I love my blue eyes. Everyone always asks if they’re colored contacts!

Kelly – UMass: My laugh. I snort. It’s a crowd pleaser.

Elise – Stanford: I give great advice, despite needing quite a bit of it myself.

Donyae – University of Maryland: I have an awesome hourglass figure. People pay to have boobs that look like mine, so what if my stomach is a little pouchy?

Erica – Kent State: I love being short (4’10”). Sure, it makes certain things complicated (like, when you have a boyfriend who is 6’5″…use your imagination), but for the most part I love being teeny tiny.

K – GWU: Definitely the butt, didn’t use to have junk in the trunk and now that I do, I like to work it.

Jess T – Columbia University: I love my smile, and the fact that I genuinely do it so often.

Carly – Grinnell: I like my quirkiness. It makes me feel happy.

Your Scale Is Lying To You!
Your Scale Is Lying To You!
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