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He Cuddles With Other Girls: Ok or Not Ok?


After a recent production with a free love hippie who was supposedly sleeping sexily only in my bed, I have some questions.

This boy, god bless is heart, is an intimacy ninja. While he swears to every god under the sun, as well as the sun, that he has only been pairing his goodies with my goodies, he also has a couple of female friends with whom he cuddles. As in wraps his arms and legs around in a loving way.

And it is nothing more than a feel-good display of affection.

Upon announcing this to my girlfriends, the reactions varied, but all in the same direction:

“He CUDDLES with other girls? WHAAAAAAT?”

Upon announcing the news break to my male friends, the reactions were pretty humiliating:

“You’re an idiot, he is totally f*cking these girls.”

I’d reckon you might be feeling one of these two things right now, too. But let’s break it down.

Have you never cuddled with someone else just as a friend? I have boys who I have cuddled with in the past, and, yes, still would without it being anything more than platonic affection.

But where do we really draw the line in this gray area? Provided we trust a person at the core, is cuddling in itself an infidelity of a sort? Can cuddling really be the be-all end-all, or is it just a pit-stop on the way to sexy time?

When I friend-cuddle with boys, I have to admit: I know they’d let something else happen if I wanted something else to happen. In fact, from all of the experiences I have had in life thus far, these sorts of situations will turn into more if the girl wants them to turn into more.

Which means that maybe I should be wary of my man; who knows if he’d stop his lady friend if she decided to try naked cuddling for a night?

But I trust him. At least I want to.

What do you think, lovely ladies of the internet world?