The Pissed List: Just. Can’t. Take. It Anymore.

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff. But sometimes (ok, maybe slightly more often) the general cluelessness, carelessness and overall stupidity of some things and or/people really gets to me. I find that venting is the most efficient way to rid myself of the stress that idiots, wrong meal orders, lack of cell phone etiquette and cheese flavored products (that don’t even contain any freaking cheese!) induce.

So, in an attempt to avoid an ulcer or an unfortunate road rage incident, I vent to you, dear reader. Please feel free to join in and comment about anything–really, anything–that pissed. you. off. this week. Let it all hang out. I feel you.]

Cell phone companies: Lately, all these upbeat and happy-go-lucky cell phone company commercials (in addition to the fact that my phone has, miraculously, not been stolen for a few years) led me to lower my guard towards the vicious corporate cell conglomerates. Until yesterday.

I practically skipped out of the store getting sticky fingerprints alllll ovah my new Vu. I had barely blinked when I signed away on the $264 transaction and sold my cell-soul for another two years (I like to pretend I’m really rich when I buy expensive things that are necessary purchases…it makes parting with my very small funds a lil bit easier). Then my boyfriend called; he had dutifully been doing some comparison shopping, as he’s well aware of my tendency to impulse buy. He had found the same phone, same deal for $135… before the rebate. Naturally, I went to return my phone and buy take the cheaper deal, only to find that, no, the company could not reverse the contract they JUST processed. And, no, I could not return my phone because apparently they examine it for microscopic scratches and cite a $75 “re-stocking” fee. So it was either keep my phone, or pay to return it. After my contract expires, I’m switching to carrier pigeon.

Free-riders.  And, no, I don’t mean fun-loving motorcyclists. I’m talking about the imaginary 5th member of your presentation group, the one who never raised his hand in class to identify himself, the one who definitely didn’t come to the library to work on it, and the one who stood silently behind everyone on presentation day. Or perhaps the girl who e-mails the entire roster when she misses class (every Monday and Wednesday) asking what we covered. Maybe even the guy who sleeps next to you for the entirety of Stats and then coolly asks to borrow the notes you just painstakingly transferred into English from whatever dialect of it your teacher was speaking. Just so you know, Freeloaders, I bust my scholastic ass for the sake of my GPA—not yours.

Gym Resolutioners.  Yes, they are still there, clogging the turnstiles to get into the Student Gym. There are still hordes of girls (who are not even wearing proper exercise equipment/attire, might I add) extending the line for elliptical machines waaaay longer than necessary. There are still enough newcomers to exercise classes snapping up spaces on the sign-up sheets for kickboxing that I have to get to the gym FORTY-FIVE MINUTES before the class starts to wait in line, just so I hopefully get a spot. And they are definitely still taking my yoga classes, because whenever we do Downward Dog I hear giggling in the back of the studio. I’m all for everyone getting healthy in 2009, but come on, resolutioners, at least take working out seriously. And stop arriving in masses at 6 pm every night…I know you guys have some sort of communication signal that tells you all to stop whatever you’re doing at once and go crowd the Stairmasters!

Whew, I’m so worked up I might not even need to do Cardio today after that rant. What pissed YOU off this week?

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