Stop Hating on The Stimulus Package. We Need It!

President Obama is slowly but surely losing support on his nearly $800 billion stimulus plan. Everyone is starting to hate!

Now, I know this is a lot of money he is looking to spend, and I know that everyone is wondering where all this money is going to come from, but we kinda need all the help we can get, no?

I’m not going to pretend I am 100% educated on this plan; when it comes to economics, just the word gives me a headache (I’m a right brained kind of gal). I do know enough, however, to know that this country is in the crapper right now and there are quite a few things this stimulus could really help with.

So, here are a few reasons I’m in full support of Obama’s Stimulus Plan. Bring on the money!

1) I like shopping. I miss shopping. And I think all you ladies out there can agree that the current economy has put a damper on this venture. Even all those great sales are going un-shopped because I can’t even justify a sale purchase. Horrifying, I know.

2) I wouldn’t mind having a job after graduation. Don’t get me wrong – spending the next year watching The Real Housewives and eating popcorn on the couch sounds good, but I’m not sure my parents would agree. I just feel like I’ve been going to school forever, so, you know, having a job might make sense. Not to mention…

3) I have a ton of student loans to I have to pay off. How am I supposed to do that without a job or money?

4) 2 words: Britney Concert. I need some major funds if I wanna catch Britney live. And, duh, I do.

5)  Frankly, I’m sick of all the depressing news. Foreclosures, unemployment, banks closing… If nothing else, this little (ok, HUGE) stimulus package will add a little sunshine to a rather gloomy year. Normally I’d turn to beer for that, but – thanks to the recession – I can’t afford it.

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