Top 5 Alcohol Myths Debunked

For most college students, alcohol plays a big role in our 4 (or 5…whatever) years at our respective learning institutions. I mean, with the pressures of school, dating, family, career, it’s understandable why one might want a drink, or 8, at the end of the week to de-stress.

But just how much do you really know about drinking? We all know that Absolut is better than Popov and that beer fills you up faster than rum, but we also claim that liquor before beer and you’re in the clear. Is that the truth? (Editor’s Note: Not this past Saturday night, as evidenced by my hugging the bowl for 3 hours….)

The truth is, there are some myths about alcohol that are perpetuated from student to student, campus to campus, that just aren’t true! We felt the need to debunk them for you ladies so you knew the real deal before you threw back another bottle of wine so you could, you know, drink and not “get too drunk.”

Can girls and guys drink the same amount and get the same outcome? Do bitch drinks (a.k.a diet, fruity drinks) not get you as drunk as regular drinks? Here’s what we found:

Myth #1: Guys and girls of the same height and weight can drink the same amount.

Truth: Girls actually absorb alocohol much faster than men due to a higher ratio of fat to muscle. Which means, girls will probably get drunk faster than dudes. And believe it or not ladies, your period can actually affect your absorption of  alcohol.

Myth #2: Girly drinks, or diet drinks, don’t actually get you drunk.

Truth: A study done by Chris Rayner, M.C. from the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia showed that diet drinks will actually get you more drunk. This is due to the lack of calories in the drink, which will cause it to empty into your stomach faster, thus getting you drunk faster. Depending on what you want, this can be very good, or oh-so bad.

Myth #3: Drinking will make you gain weight.

Truth: Although the infamous “Freshman 15” is often times attributed to excessive alcohol consumption, this myth is actually not true. After extensive research all over the world, it was found that alcohol did not cause weight gain in men and actually contributed to a weight loss in women. (Probably, cuz they drank too much and puked. But that’s just my guess.) It is the eating that comes with drinking that causes the weight gain.

Myth #5: Alcohol kills brain cells.

Truth: I totally thought it did (if you saw my GPA you’d understand), but, apparently, alcohol does not destroy any brain cells. In fact, alcohol has been associated with improving mental function.

Myth #5: Coffee will sober you up.

Truth: While it may make you feel hella better in the morning, coffee does nothing to a drunk person. Except maybe wake em up. The only thing that can sober you up is time. Alcohol leaves your body at a rate of .015% BAC (blood alcohol level) per hour. So if your BAC is .015, you’ll be sober in an hour, and so on. Not even Starbucks will speed that shiz up.

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