Drown Your Single-On-V-Day Sorrows in Chocolate

For many of us single girls, Valentine’s Day sucks. All the lovey dovey couples and cards and PDA sessions make us want to vomit.

And all the V-Day mumbo jumbo has been infiltrating our lives and reminding us that we are alone since freaking Christmas Day.

There are many other days in the year when being single rocks, and a lot of us are completely fine with our not-so-relationship status, but something about the cutesy gifts and the kissing couples brings a lot of girls down.

But it doesn’t have to! With all that annoying looove stuff comes some awesome Valentine’s Day goodies. In the form of chocolate and booze. That you can enjoy regardless of your single status.

So here are some treats you can make with your single friends, buy on clearance on February 15, or, since V-Day is on a Saturday, truly drown your single sorrows with.

If you’re alone this V-Day, treat yourself or another single girl to some delicious chocolates from Godiva or Lindt chocolates. They are relatively inexpensive and very tasty. Who says you can’t buy love?

If you and your other single gal-pals are looking for a fun way to spend V-Day in, why not make some tasty treats that you can enjoy together? It’s just you and the girls so you don’t even have to worry about over eating.

S’More Brownies — These easy-to-make treats take about an hour and have pretty simple ingredients. Oh, and they are good. Some might even say they are better than a boyfriend.

Chocolate Sformato with Amaretto Whip Cream — Another easy-to-make, chocolatey dessert courtesy of Giada De Laurentiis of the Food Network. Best part: you can kill two birds with one stone. This dessert has chocolate and alcohol in it!

If you don’t have a full hour before you break down in “why doesn’t he love me?” tears, you can make these Truffle Tarts with Raspberries in only 20 minutes.

Or, if you’re really wanting to drown your sorrows with some other single buddies, you could whip up a decadent chocolate cocktail and drink V-Day away. The Mocha Mud Mix is a good choice for the caffeine addict, the Chocolate Martini Cocktail is sweet and strong and calls for an Hershey Kiss for garnish (and a whole bag left over that you can eat on your own). Lastly, if you prefer your Godiva in liquid form, there are many recipes using Godiva Chocolate Liqueur.

Are there any other chocolatey treats you single ladies will be using to drown your sorrows/celebrate V-Day?

Night Styler: Love (or Lust) Is In the Air
Night Styler: Love (or Lust) Is In the Air
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