Night Styler: Love (or Lust) Is In the Air

[In early adulthood there is an activity that plays a large role in most of our lives; nights out on the town. And with those nights out always comes the question: “What am I gonna wear?!?”

Each week I’ll be putting together a cute and affordable “going out” ensemble guide (that you can tweak to your own personal style and body type, of course) so that maybe that age-old question can be answered a little quicker than usual. And your friends aren’t waiting – for hours – for you to emerge from your room. Just consider me your own (free) personal Rachel Zoe.]

So this weekend is quite a weekend: Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day and a lovely 3 day weekend, all rolled into one.

In the spirit of the equally loved and hated V-Day, I decided to do a Valentine’s version of Night Styler with a super vampy outfit that those of us in relationships can wow our honeys with, and those of us going out in hopes that cupid points his arrow at us, can wow potential suitors with.

If nothing else, at least this holiday is a reason to rock the red.

I am so totally in love with this adorable dress I found on a recently discovered website, Of course, red is the color du jour for this particular holiday, but if you’re just looking for a damn cute dress to wear out, you can find it in 5 other colors.

 What better way to sexify those legs you’ll be showin’ off, than with some ultra-high black pumps. You can find both of these at Tarjay for under $30.

As always, Forever 21 is the place to go for all the right accessories at the right price. A small clutch/handbag is the way to go with an outfit like this, and in the spirit of looooove day, why not go with a cute lil’ heart-shaped bag?

You can’t really do a necklace with the shape of this dress, so glam it up with a cute up-do, and some big earrings.

And since hearts, candy and flowers are all associated with this romantic holiday, bring along your own flower, in the form of a fun cocktail ring.

There’s no doubt if you rock this outfit, you’ll be feelin’ the love this Valentine’s Day.

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