Single on Valentine’s Day? Lucky You!

vday.jpgDo you want to throw up on everyone who wears pink and red on February 14? Do you want to hose down those PDA-displaying couples who take up every square of sidewalk on your way to class? Do you really hope the flowers that the girl two doors down got from her boyfriend of five and a half years wilt immediately?

Have no fear, single girl.  Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples.  In fact, when you’re not joined at the hip, you can usually have more fun by partying it up and enjoying your independence with a gaggle of equally fun, single ladies this year.

Hit the Bar Scene.

Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest bar nights of the year (along with Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day,  the last Saturday before exam week, etc.), and if you have to miss it for a boring dinner date, you definitely drew the short straw.  The bars will be packed with other singles, and if you want to shack up, you’ll find plenty of fish in the booze-flooded sea.

Ogle Some Hotties.

Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, dating, married, whatever, is a woman’s holiday.  And guess what – you’re far from the only one who isn’t getting wooed this year.  Plenty of nightclubs sponsor male revues and other events where men are forced to put their six packs on display for salivating singles.  Can’t find a live show? Rent your favorite hot stud films and admire Brad Pitt et al on the small screen.

Have a Girl-Date.

Why can’t you bring your BFF out to an expensive, overpriced dinner and drink champagne and toast yourselves? Just because you aren’t in a romantic relationship doesn’t mean you lack other quality relationships in your life.  Take the money you would have spent on frivolous gifts to express your love for a man, and bring out one of your besties.

Host a Meet and Greet.

I am hesitant to suggest blind dates on Valentine’s Day, because you never know what you’re going to get.  So save the speed-dating for another random weekend, and have your own mixer.  Have each of your girlfriends bring a few single guys.  This works best if you don’t know each other’s guy friends, so look into platonic friends at neighboring schools, and play matchmaker in a totally low-key, stress-free setting.

Have a Good Old Boyfriend Bonfire.

If you’re still bitter about the way things ended with your ex, take a hint from Friends and have a boyfriend bonfire.  Or… nonfire, if you want to keep your housing.  If you can’t stand the fact that he’s wining and dining his new ladyfriend, release some steam and get closure by hosting a ritual to cleanse yourself of his memories…and all the crap he never picked up from your dorm.  Have a girl’s night, complete with guilty-pleasure food, chick flicks, and loads of vino, and give everyone a chance to vent about how they are better off without him.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, there’s no excuse for staying home alone.  You aren’t the only one without a date, and you’re not the only one waiting in a long-ass line at CVS to buy a cheesy, heart-adorned greeting card as a means of expressing yourself.  So save a tree and revel in your current relationship status (or lack thereof).  Next year, when you’re taken, you’ll miss certain excuses to wild out with your chicas.

What are your V-Day plans, single girls?

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