The 4 Day Diet: Award season = Brownie Season.


[Jill has been dabbling in the 4 Day Diet and sharing her journey with us. We saw her first week and the challenges she faced on week 2. Here, she shares her recent diet tribulations.]

This week started out great. I made a pump-me-up playlist and have been hitting the gym like nobody’s business. I’ve pushed myself to run that extra few minutes or try a new machine; I may or may not have even snuck in a workout of dancing in my apartment, underwear on, microphone (hairbrush) in hand. Hey, a calorie burned is a calorie burned, my friends, and burning calories to “We Built this City on Rock and Roll” is just a lot more fun than an extra squat.

However, as the week continued, I discovered what I didn’t like about this diet and why I have never liked diets in the past that tell you what to eat day by day. While I enjoy the food suggested for each daily plan, there are no options or guidelines for situations where those foods aren’t available. And let’s not forget that outside of diet books, real life happens.

So even if you try to be good and make comparable substitutions, you end up feeling like a failure  when you didn’t follow the diet exactly and, at the end of the week, your weight hasn’t changed.

This week was very much like that; between two birthday parties, a Grammy party, and a goodbye party for a co-worker, it was hard to find foods that fit what was on my daily plan. I tried to think of alternatives to a bowl of beans or some almonds, but the book doesn’t tell you how to handle real-life situations when the food choices are out of your control.

So, inevitably, you make bad choices (even though you tried so hard!) and throw the entire week of work out the window. Working hard for no results? Probably the most frustrating thing ever.

I did the best I could and tried to make the most similar swaps (with the exception of a cookie dough ball bite; I mean, you just can’t say no to those), but I still felt frustrated and annoyed at the end of the week.

I’m feeling a little less than excited about the 4 Day Diet today, but I refuse to give up. So, I turn to you, dear readers. What are your tips for planning around events where you can’t control the food situation?

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