Victoria’s Secret Pink Sucks. There, I Said It.

I am 100% a lingerie girl.

That being said, although I love, love, LOVE Victoria’s Secret, there is one section of their stores that makes me want to barf:

Victoria’s Secret Pink.

The sub-division of VS is supposedly geared towards high schoolers and undergrads, but is usually found on awkward middle school girls, typically in the form of bejewled hoodies and capri-length sweat pants with PINK written across the butt.

Something about the brand is just inherently annoying and cheesy to me. The bright colors, unsophisticated graphics, and heavy labeling might have something to do with it. Don’t get me wrong, some of their undies and tops (sans logo) are pretty cute, but I have NO desire to wear a “most popular” t-shirt bra emblazoned with the VS PINK crest in rainbow colors. I’ve been wearing a bra for close to 10 years now – the novelty has worn off. Additionally, I doubt my boyfriend would be impressed (or tuned on!) if I busted out a yellow polka dotted scoopneck come Friday night.

With the juvenile designs one might expect some juvenile pricing to fit junior-high budgets, but Pink doesn’t even offer that. Instead, their bras hover around the $35-$40 range, and their apparel is even more pricy. $90 for a rhinestone encrusted zip up ? Really? Online, Pink even offers logo-covered bedding that oh-so-conveniently fits twin extra-long dorm beds should you wish to showcase your love of the line in your room at college. I’m not kidding. And don’t even get me started on their “Collegiate Collection.”

Did I mention that Pink not only sells underwear, flip flops, tote bags, lounge wear, and bedding, but also skirts and jeans now?  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t ever see myself trading in my Sevens, or even my A&Fs, for a pair of Pink skinnies. It’s just not gonna happen.

What do you think? VS Pink: Hate it or love it?

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