Bring on the Bad Boys!

For the last few years, you couldn’t turn on the TV or computer without hearing about the latest wild and crazy behavior from our favorite female celebs: Lindsay Lohan’s hard partying and DUI.s; suggestive photographs surfacing of underage Miley Cyrus; Amy Winehouse’s drug use, trips to rehab, and arrest; and Britney’s very public breakdown.  The destructive behavior of these young women even prompted the AP to start writing their obituaries early.

However crazy they were acting in 2008, however, they’ve all been acting pretty, well, normal lately. Lindsay’s stable relationship seems to be keeping her grounded, Amy’s getting help, and Britney’s back!  Even former Hollywood bad girls Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie seem to have grown up, too.

Boring, right? What are we supposed to obsess over? Talk about? Compare ourselves (read: make ourselves feel better about our own lives) to?

Thank god for the bad boys!

As we have all seen over and over and over, these past few weeks have been chock full of dudes gone bad: Chrisitian Bale flipped out on a movie set, Chris Brown was just arrested for assaulting Rihanna, Michael Phelps has gotten into some trouble for an unfortunate bong hit, and Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix has been behaving, er,  strangely after quitting acting to pursue a career in hip-hop.

We knew we could always count on someone in Hollywood to keep us entertained, but it looks like  2009 is turning into the year of the male meltdown. What could be next? More Tom Cruise shenanigans? A Michael Cera drug bust? A Brad Pitt freak out?

We’ll have to see, but the way things are going so far in ’09, we are sure there will be plenty of dude drama to come.

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