Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Confessions of a Budget-Aholic

Someone asked me what I am most excited about seeing in Confessions of a Shopaholic (in theaters today!). Are you kidding? That’s like asking a 13-year-old to pick a favorite Jonas Brothers’ song. Or her favorite Jonas Brother (gasp)!

Between the out-there fashion ensembles that stylist Patricia Field (you also know her work from the drool-worthy outfits we saw in SATC and the Devil Wear Prada) puts together, the adorable and relate-able Becky Bloomwood, and one of my girl crushes Isla Fisher (I mean her hubby is Sascha Baron Cohen, HELLO) I just can’t choose.

What I can confess however, is how much I love her black on black on black ensemble. She makes it look effortlessly classy, sexy and chic, whereas most all black ‘fits end up looking like they would fit in better on the set of Doubt (read: dowdy).

So here is this week’s Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Confessions of a Budget-Aholic

The Dress:

The key with a black-on black look is to highlight some area of skin. It doesn’t matter which, just show off some of your natural assets. In this case, Isla chose to highlight her chest and collar bone, which is sexy yet totally chic. I adore the neckline on the halter dress. Plain and simple: it’s a hot number.

Leather Cuff:

Adding a fun piece of jewelry gives an extra little hint of fun and fabulosity. The leather cuff makes the look a little edgier and adds some serious sex appeal.  Another option would be an awesome black cocktail ring.


Black opaque work best


Another important thing to remember is to switch up the textures if you’re rocking an all black style. Going for a patent or suede will help break up the monochromatic-ness of the look.

 And if you just have to have color:

Sometimes a little pop is all you need and these are cute and cheap.

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