College Classes That Won’t Bore You

As I was registering for classes this semester (my last semester of undergrad! Woo!), I discovered that although I’d already finished up all but one of my major and general ed requirements, I still needed to take a full semester’s worth of credits in order to have enough to graduate in May.

I was really excited that I’d finally be able to take classes that really interested me but weren’t necessarily part of my major. No more Stats! No more language!

I managed to find a few classes that seemed interesting, but unfortunately, my school doesn’t offer anything too out of the ordinary (read: cool or interesting).  I know a lot of other schools offer really cool classes, which got me to thinking about what sorts of classes I wish would be offered in college.

1.  Pole Dancing Aerobics – I don’t know about you guys, but my school doesn’t offer any sort of fitness or sports classes.  Aerobic striptease is the newest trend (Carmen Electra and other celebrities have their own workout DVDs for it!), and it seems like a lot of fun!  Seriously, would you rather sit in a lecture hall listening to some professor drone on and on, or dance….on a pole?

2.  Understanding Guys 101 – This class would focus on the psychology of the male brain, including learning to interpret the strange language and behavioral patterns of men.  I have a feeling this one would fill up fast, so sign up quick!

3.  How to Treat Women – The male student’s counterpart to the “Understanding Guys” course.  It would teach guys how not to act like total jerks most of the time and how to keep the women in their lives happy.  This one should probably be a requirement.

4.  Contemporary Popular Literature – Just like any other English literature elective you’ve taken, but instead of the same old British and American novels, you’d read things like Harry Potter, Twilight, Confessions of a Shopaholic, etc. and discuss the effect of those novels on society.  I’d definitely always have my homework done for that class!

5.  Mixology 101 – The art of mixing drinks to perfection.  It’s like chemistry, but with alcohol.  Delicious.

Anyone have some more ideas for classes you wish your school offered?

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