Freaky Friday The 13th

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! There’s nothing quite like having the living crap scared out of you for the sake of a little fun.  And as luck would have it, today is the day to celebrate all that is creepy, crawly and down right horrifying.

For some of us serial killers, axe murderers and zombie brides make us scream out in fear; for me, it’s just about everything else. Even the idea of mesh shirts, Mr. Clean (I can’t explain it, something about his bald head and disapproving glare terrify me) and bad Botox are enough to make me cringe. The sight of one of these alone will have me under the covers until someone soothing coaxes me out with the promise of hot cocoa and a hug.

So in honor of the most horrifying holiday of all holidays, bring on the blood, the gore, and the headless corpses because I have a list of fears that are way worse. Grab something cuddly, have the hot cocoa ready and check out ten ways to be terrified this Friday the 13th.

1. Flying in planes

2. Slipping and falling due to icy weather and a bad shoe decision

3. Brain worms (did you see Grey’s last night?!?)

4. Being forced to go home after graduation due to our failing economy.

5. Chris Brown.

6. Octomom’s humongus pregnant belly.

7.  Getting caught smoking a bong.

8. Blind dates.

9. Drunken Facebook pictures.

10. Glitter eyeshadow.