Learn Your Textiquette…and Win a Brand New Samsung Propel!

Are you planning on sending a romantic text or picture message this Valentine’s Day? According to a recent AT&T survey 36% of texters are. 40% of those people plan on sending 5 or more (hopefully they are sending to friends and don’t have 5 or more lovers). 48% of texters say getting a V-Day text is about the same as getting a V-Day card.

Looks like Valentine’s Day in the 21st century looks a lot different than it used to. Whereas candy and cards used to be the only way to go, now we can email, IM, video chat, or text the people we love. But even with all those new avenues of communication, what you say and how you say it are still very important.

Since so many people will be sending texts this V-Day, you are going to need 2 things to get by:

1. An understanding of appropriate textiquette.

2. A phone that makes sending and receiving texts a whole lot easier.

Well, lookie here; we got em both for ya.

CollegeCandy teamed up with AT&T again to give one lucky reader a brand new Samsung Propel. This phone is pretty sweet, if we must say so ourselves. It is small and handy, but slides open to reveal a full keyboard! No more T-9 mishaps for you!

All you have to do is tell us your biggest texting do or don’t. Ever texted the wrong person? Ever sent a naughty picture that got around? Ever been asked on a date by the boy you love via text? Tell us everything. We’ll vote on them and announce the winner on Saturday, February 14th. Then you’ll have yourself a brand new cell to text all those important people in your life.

But, you must make sure to know what is OK and what is not OK to send. So, watch this little video courtesy of AT&T explaining the ins and outs of textiquette. Trust me; you can learn a lot!

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