Weekly Wrap Up: V-Day is Almost Over

I don’t know about you, but the fact that Friday the 13th kicks off Valentine’s Day weekend just doesn’t seem like a good omen to me. Granted, I haven’t had the best of luck on Valentine’s Day regardless of whether or not Friday the 13th came before, since I’ve always been single (pathetic).

But this year I think I’m going to be optimistic; since V-day is all about love, and I love myself, I’m going to celebrate. And stuff my face with chocolate! Yum! I’ll curl up with my favorite snuggle buddy and listen to love songs, maybe do some therapeutic shopping, and re-evaluate my unfortunate attraction to bad boys and how that ties into spending V-day alone. Maybe I’ll borrow or rent one of these guys to keep me company. (Can you do that? God they are cute!)

But for those of you celebrating V-day with your special honey, make it count! Times are rough but romance doesn’t have to cost a lot. Like J-Lo said, “My love don’t cost a thing, thing, thing…” Spice up your sexy time with a little shower action, we know it can be hard in college, but it can be done. And if you are interested in cutting back on the spending and being a little eco-friendly, try these ideas. Save the world and have an amazing day with your special someone.

Single or not…Valentine’s Day is a day of love! So share it and enjoy it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

G.W.W.E.: Chris “Come To Me” Martin
G.W.W.E.: Chris “Come To Me” Martin
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