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I Am Single…And I love Valentine’s Day


chem-love.jpgI am single.

In fact, I have ALWAYS been single on Valentine’s Day, which must be a sick joke of that sadistic cherub, I guess. Usually, this makes February 14th a dreadful occasion, but this year, I am dealing with a new feeling unlike any year prior: I am depressed, apathetic, belligerently drunk, inexplicably excited.

I am so over the whole “Boo Hoo Valentines Day, let’s pretend it’s not happening” and “my best friend is my Valentine! Yay- girl date!” Those things work for some people, but not me. Not anymore. Rather than sulk or eat 4-days-worth of calories of crappy Russel Stover chocolate, I am going to do something a) wild b) atypical and c) really effing awesome.

I am going to a rave.

I don’t think that Benny Benassi and blaring supwoofers will solve all of my romantic woes, but I do know that it will take me out of the rut I would be stuck in on campus and into a place where all I have to do is just dance (it’ll be OK, do do do do). And I will probably be having more fun than some of my in-love friends.

Now techno and American Apparel rave gear are not everyone’s style, and maybe not all of you live in a city where raves are prevalent, but the bottom line is that if you are flying solo today, be open-minded, spontaneous and positive. If you sulk or try to drown your sorrows in Skyy (or in a random, sup par, boy’s pillow), you will hate your February 15th even more than the 14th.

Still not convinced? There are actually a lot of little known reasons why singledom is potentially awesome on Vday.

1. Make bank. Those of you with jobs know, there is a lot of money to be made on holidays (especially in the service sector). So even if you don’t usually work Saturday nights (cough, for social reasons), take a night off of your usual routine and work. You will not only cash in, but you may meet a nice (male) coworker who is working for the same reason.

2. Try new places. All your close/coupled-off friends drag you to the same house party or bar every Saturday? Forget them for tonight, and hang out with your single acquaintances at a new bar, club or frat you’ve always wanted to check out.

3. Save money. Its not like you have anyone to stress over/buy a present for. This sounds pathetic, but admit it: none of your friends EVER know what to get their boyfriends and usually end up spending obscene amounts on ill-fitting lingerie or some crappy cologne he will feel obligated to wear. True story.

4. Do work. Okay, this is really lame, but I am really into getting good grades and, a lot of times, I run into problems mid-semester balancing my affinity to be on both the party scene and the Dean’s List. So if you have nothing to do and no one to do it with (literally and figuratively), go to the Lib and get sh*t done. Maybe being single during midterm season is a blessing in disguise.

There is hope for a single girl on Valentine’s Day, and it does not involve abandoning all self-respect, unless of course it is on the dance floor. Have fun tonight, ladies. I know I will!

    I've been told I have an alterego, whom I apparently named Penelope: she is probably "that girl" you see dancing on the bar, or crowd surfing, or playing with glowsticks, or doing a split, or on a mechanical bull or shot-gunning with the boys. God love her.