The Pissed List: It’s All Too Much

[I like to think of myself as a pretty easy going gal, and try not to sweat the small stuff. But sometimes (ok, maybe slightly more often) the general cluelessness, carelessness and overall stupidity of some things and or/people really gets to me. I find that venting is the most efficient way to rid myself of the stress that idiots, wrong meal orders, lack of cell phone etiquette and cheese flavored products (that don’t even contain any freaking cheese!) induce.

So, in an attempt to avoid an ulcer or an unfortunate road rage incident, I vent to you, dear reader. Please feel free to join in and comment about anything–really, anything–that pissed. you. off. this week. Let it all hang out. I feel you.]

Budget cuts: It seems as though the recession has finally infiltrated the college bubble. We’ve been hearing about this horrible turn the economy has taken, but the closest we’ve come to experiencing it are reduced bar admissions. (And come to think of it, there hasn’t even been a decline in those prices…) All kidding aside, though, the economic crisis gripping the nation has, of course, affected our schools. And countless e-mails entitled “Budget Crisis Committee Meeting,” or “Plans to Cut Spending by 10% before July” skimmed over my threshold of awareness for quite some time. My professors, picking up on the general apathetic attitude, took it upon themselves to explain just what all of this meant. Apparently it means taking classes that require an intimate setting to be effective in lecture halls. It requires removing all of the phones from the English Department (yep, e-mail only!). It entails salary cuts for professors, some of whom have such prestigious reputations that they’ll gladly take their New York Times’ Best Selling butts elsewhere. Which also means that my degree won’t be as respectable as it would be if I’d had those professors or their letters of recommendation. And yet I have noticed no shortage of construction, new bronze statues or spanking new parking garages scattered around campus. Maybe if the budget were a little more prioritized we wouldn’t be facing these issues…

Line Cutters: It pissed me off in the 2nd grade lunchroom on Chicken Nugget Day and guess what, folks? It still does! Seriously people, we learned how to mind our P’s and queue’s in kindergarten, so why am I still frustrated DAILY by some guy who called his bros and asked them to save him a spot in the 45 minute line to pick up basketball tix? And I have some advice for that girl last night who thought her urinary needs were greater than everyone else’s in line for the only bathroom at the bar–  HOLD IT! Just like everyone else in line. And no one ever said there was a rule against having your friends bring you more vodka tonics while you’re waiting…

Over-Zealous Party Hosts: It starts with the Facebook invite. It’s totally tricked out with hyper-precise directions, a really intricate theme and very specific directions as to just what B one should Y.O.B. But you know it’s not going to stop there. The party-thrower is most definitely going to text you “Hey guys! Don’t forget about my AWESOME kegger/rave/pregame/ shindig this Friday!!!!!”— every day of the week leading up to the party. Should you actually make it to said party after Happy Hour, you can rest assured that a red Solo will be practically shoved into your hand when you walk in (which isn’t such a bad thing now that I think about it…), followed by an in-depth questionnaire about the amount of fun you are having at their party. Eventually something will go wrong (as it only can when a large number of drunk people are gathered) and the host will go into full meltdown mode, kick everyone out during a huge tantrum and swear to never throw a party again. I mean, I’m all for enthusiastic recreation, but a party is supposed to relieve stress, not cause it!

Wow, it’s official: even parties piss me off. How about you? What pissed you off this week?

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