Candy Dish: Skinny Lohan Got Burrrrned

Note to Lindsay: Do not show up at Chase Crawford’s house at 6am uninvited. That’s creepy. Also, have a cookie.

And now the radio boycotts Chris Brown.

What trends are coming this fall?

Mary Kate and Ashley’s clothing line is….really fabulous!

Northwest Airlines: Now Serving Penis.

So this is why Dina Lohan was crowned Mother of the Year.

Strengthen and limber up for sexy time.

What does Ms. J have to say about NY Fashion Week?

College majors: for love or money?

In more unrealistic TV news, the cast of The Hills hits Hawaii.

Behind the scenes of Britney’s latest vid.

What is your ideal style?

Candy Dish: Watch Out, Ladies!
Candy Dish: Watch Out, Ladies!
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