Rock The Look: Fall Fashion Trends Courtesy of New York Fashion Week

Even the glamorous world of fashion has been hit hard by the recession. In a time where most people are cutting back, spending money on designer outfits just doesn’t seem reasonable. At this year’s New York Fashion Week, many designers have cut costs by hosting smaller runway shows or gallery presentations.

But more than how, designers have changed what they are showing. Their goal is to show women looks that they must have; looks that will get them reaching for their wallets. So what can you expect to be snatching up for fall? A little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of 80s…

1. Head-to-toe Black. While the future of fashion definitely looks dark, that may not be a bad thing. Sleek, modern-looking all-black ensembles have dominated the runways this week.

2. Purple and Red are breaking up the monotony by popping up occasionally, as well.

3. Leather is going to be everywhere this fall – jackets, boots, and, yes, leggings.

4. Cutouts will add sex appeal to the tougher, edgier looks you’ll be seeing.

5. Full-length, exposed zippers will also be back to make a bold statement on seemingly standard ensembles.

6. Built-Up or Padded Shoulders have been spotted quite a a few times on the runways, so get ready to raid your grandma’s closet. The big shoulder is gonna be huge (pun intended).

7. Cinched waists will be back next for fall, which is refreshing as it is the most flattering silhouette.

Other trends that will continue through fall 2009 are animal prints, volume and structure, full skirts, color blocks, and plaid. Thankfully designers have recycled some trends from ’08, allowing all of us to keep up with fashion without overhauling our wardrobes.

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