5 Low-Calorie Drink Options

When you go out drinking with your friends, the last thing that you’re probably thinking about is how many calories you’re consuming with each drink you take. Ok, maybe you’re thinking that when you mix yourself a low-cal vodka shot at home, but once the alcohol is flowing, calories are far from the forefront of your mind.

But listen up: the calories in some of your favorite cocktails are plentiful!

Each Cosmo you down has over 250 calories, while a Long Island Iced Tea contains around 700 calories!  And you know you never drink just one. But don’t worry, ladies; you don’t have to cut out your alcohol-related fun. There’s plenty of low-calorie options for you out there and being the generout bar-and-tight-jean-loving girls that we are, we’re going to share them with you.

1.  Mojito – They’re cool and refreshing on hot summer days, and a much better choice than frozen margaritas  (which can be around 400 calories).  They also happen to be mostly booze, so you aren’t wasting calories on mixers (and, bonus, a little goes a long way).

2.  Slender Wine – This new wine is going to be in this year’s Academy Awards goodie bags, and has no calories and no added sugar.  It comes in red, white, and blush varieties, and for only about $10 a pop, you can afford to try all three!

3.  Budweiser Select or MGD 64 –  If you’re a beer girl, then try one of these low-cal and low-carb beers that both claim to have the same taste as their full-calorie counterparts. We haven’t tried em yet, but they’ve got to be better than heavy and calorie-laden Beast, right?

4.   Sour Apple Martini – Cosmopolitans and chocolate martinis, while delicious, are high in calories, but not all martinis are that bad.  A sour apple or even a regular martini has less than 200 calories.

5.  Diet soda cocktails – Switching to a diet mixer in any of your favorite cocktails (Rum and Diet Coke, or Gin and Diet Tonic) will save you TONS of calories, and won’t affect the taste too much.

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