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Fashionably Techie: Get The Most From Your Computer


mini-laptop-sony-vaio-vgn2Like a magpie, you gravitate towards things that are shiny: cell phones, TVs, anything that allows you to play Rock Band. But just because you love ‘em doesn’t mean you know much about ‘em. That’s where we come in.

Every week we will be highlighting the best, coolest and shiniest in technology. Consider us your personal Geek Squad. And let us tell ya; with CC on your side, geek has never looked so chic.]

We all have computers, but what do we really use them for? More than likely they’re dedicated to the normal music/internet/term paper cycle with a little Snood and movie watching thrown in for fun. But there’s a ton of other things that can be done with them. And there’s no reason to let money or lack of technical know-how stand in your way of making the most of your machine.

Graphic Software:

So your BFF makes hilarious pictures with Photoshop. You know, changing that can of soda you had at last week’s party into a 40 and writing some incriminating line above your head. Haha, very funny.  You want to join in the fun…and get her back but you don’t have the programs for it. You could do it in paint, but that’s lame. Why don’t you try or first? They may not make you a graphic artist but they’re prefect for having a little fun with pictures when you have a little time.

Video Editing:

We all want to be Michael Moore. Or Guillermo del Toro. Or at least those awesome people who get famous posting a video online. Too bad all you know how to do is watch stuff on YouTube. No reason to let that stop your creative vision. Try or to create your masterpieces. They won’t be cinematic masterpieces, but a cute video plea to Mom and Dad might convince them to put a little extra money in your account this month.

Need a printer?

I know the worst thing about living in the dorms was a lack of printers. I was always running to the computer lap at the last minute to print that term paper, but there was only ONE lab with a laser printer. And someone was always printing a novel on it. Good times. That can be a thing of the past with PrinterAnywhere. You can print literally “hook up” your computer to any printer in the world and get your work on paper. Got a friend living off campus? Send your essay to her printer then pick it up en route to class.

Need a scanner?

You don’t need to purchase some overpriced scanner to get those funny pics online. All you need is a camera phone. You can use it with scanR, a program that turns your mobile into a scanner, sort of. It uses optical character recognition to convert your pictures. Just email them from your phone.