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Makeup 101: Beautiful Brows at Home



It seems like purse strings are pretty tight these days, and it can be pretty hard to choose what to spend money on. A manicure or dinner? A new pair of shoes or gas? A night at the bar or books for class? Pretty tricky. But there are some luxuries that you can skip in favor of doin’ it on your own, like your brows.

Yeah, they always seem great when you get them waxed, but if you use the right products and know the right tricks you can do it in your very own home…and spend the $15 on a long island iced tea instead!

Step 1: It’s much easier to tweeze your brows when your skin is soft, so the hair will come out easier. So hold a hot facecloth on your face for a couple of minutes first.

Step 2: Pick the shape that you want to create with your brows. Go with a natural arch; don’t create an extreme arch if you don’t have one (you can tell). If you need some guidelines, you can use brow stencils, like these ones from Anastasia. As a general rule: eyebrows are supposed to match up with the corners of your eyes, so draw a line with your finger from the inner corner of your eye up to your brow. That’s where they should begin and they should taper off at the outer corner of your eye. You can begin to tweeze by plucking the ends of the brows.

As for products, Tweezerman tweezers are great because they are sharp and have slanted tips. These tweezers come in fun animal prints too! Or you can try this floral tweezer kit that contains slanted tweezers as well as a pointed pair. Or there is also this awesome mini polka dotted pair – perfect for your purse or travel. (All of these are so cute that you will almost forget that tweezing hurts!)

Step 3: Use an eyebrow comb to brush your brow hairs upwards to get a better idea of where the hair roots are. Then pluck underneath the arches. Go slowly and brush them out every few minutes to see how much you have plucked. You don’t want to be that girl that overplucked. (We had a girl that pretty much plucked her whole brows off in the 8th grade. It’s been 8 years and we all still remember. Lesson learned.)

Step 4: Comb your brows back upwards and use the cuticle scissors to snip against the natural hair flow. These ones from LaCross are really cheap and work great. By using cuticle scissors for the top of the brows you eliminate the need to tweeze too much above the brows. When you are done tweezing and cutting, apply unscented lotion with a cotton ball to pick up extra hairs and soothe redness.

Step 5: If you need to fill in some areas that are uneven, use a pencil or powder that will blend really naturally. Then use an angled brush to sweep and blend in the color. This Dior pencil is a little pricey but it’s a pencil and a brush in one! Plus it includes a sharpener.

Step 6: To set your newly perfect brows in place for a night out try this Smashbox tech wax. It’s clear and long lasting so that all your hard work won’t go to waste!