At Home Bikini Wax: Yes You Can!

I know what you’re thinking: Waxing my own bikini line? ARE YOU INSANE!?Well the answer is no, I’m not insane. Just very frugal and, to be honest, curious. I’ve been shaving my bikini line for years and recently tired of that. The hair would grow back so quickly, coarser than before and I was ready for a change. So I decided on waxing. And instead of paying at least $30 at a salon (the cheapest I was able to find in my town), I decided that I had enough knowledge and a high enough pain tolerance that I was willing to give the DIY bikini wax a shot.

From my experiences, it is not that bad. Sure, I would prefer many things to waxing my bikini line (like medieval torture), but it wasn’t the horrific experience some report it to be, even doing it myself. In some ways it’s even better – no strange woman lookin’ at your hooha.

So, I’ve compiled a little guide of tips and tricks for you adventurous girls who want to try an at home bikini wax! Take a deep breath and read on.

1. Choose your weapon wisely.

Not all wax kits are created equal, girls! Make sure you find one that is specifically for the bikini line or for several areas including bikini line. Some waxes are very harsh and inappropriate for your sensitive areas. Also, make sure that you use hard wax! In my experience and those of the many others I know who also torture wax themselves, the soft wax is not a good idea for your bikini line (the skin is too sensitive and not taught enough).

My favorite kit is the Alexandria No-Heat Hair Removal Kit. It’s reasonably priced (only about $10!) and contains a large container of wax, which will last you for at least 6 or 7 waxes, I’ve found. And the fact that it’s no-heat is great because it involves no prep work and there is no risk of burning your sensitive skin. One last thing: try to find a water-soluble wax. This means that if you realize it hurts too much you can just clean the wax off with warm water. It makes for a super easy clean up and no scary commitment issues.

2. Pain Control

I don’t have any issues with pain when I wax, but many people do. Popping a pain killer (Tylenol or Advil…not Vicodin) an hour before you wax will be sure to make it more pleasant. Also, don’t wax while you’re on your period. You’re more sensitive to pain, so you’re basically setting yourself up for failure!

3. Perfect Your Technique

Just like anything else, waxing takes skill, so I suggest waxing something much easier first, like your legs. You’ll develop the technique and learn what works and what doesn’t. For instance, you have to apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth, which can pretty tricky with the bikini area (those hairs grow in every damn direction!). You also have to make sure you apply the wax strip in the correct direction and, although most kits don’t explicitly say this, rub the strip REALLY well on your skin to grasp the hairs well.

You also want to pull the skin around the area taught to decrease the number of times you have to go over the area (by pulling the maximum number of hairs), but also, to reduce your pain. Lastly, you MUST pull down, not up. This requires a bit of an explanation: when you pull the strip off (in the direction opposite to hair growth!), leave the strip as close as you can to the skin, instead of pulling the strip up and away. This is proper waxing technique and pulling up and away doesn’t work. Plus it hurts like a biatch.

There you have it! Your own little care package for those about to venture into the world of DIY Bikini Waxes. I wish you luck!

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