Candy Dish: How Could Chris Brown Do That?

Picture of Rihanna after her allegedly being beaten by boyfriend, Chris Brown.

I’m rooting for Kate Winslet for Best Actress…

Silkey smooth skin for under $5? Yes, please.

In honor of our economic downfall…suggestions for some new corporate logos.

We’ve all been there: your friends hate your bf, now what?

Top 20 fashion blogs…as if I need another reason to procrastinate my Sociology paper.

Why Buffalo Exchange is amazing

The Heidi Klum toning work-out…I’m in.

Two adorable boys teach how to “do the stanky leggg”! So funny!

Oh man, Pamela Anderson will always be around. Always.

Candy Dish: An Extra Pair Of Hands…
Candy Dish: An Extra Pair Of Hands…
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