The CC Weekly Weigh In: If I Were a Dude…

Between Beyonce‘s latest mega-hit, “If I Were a Boy,” and our recent discovery of a tool that lets women pee standing up, I started thinking about what it would be like to be a guy for a day. Is peeing standing up really all it’s cracked up to be? And do guys really have it easier than us on a day-to-day basis?

This week, the CollegeCandy team weighs in on this very topic. What would they do if they could be guys for a day. What would you do?

Brithny – Duke: I would walk around with my shirt off all day. Assuming that my new guy body has a six-pack, of course.

Cristina – Michigan State University: I’d probably want to see what it’s like to get hit in the balls, just to see if they’re really exaggerating about whether or not you can compare it to childbirth (something I still wouldn’t know).

Laura – St. Johns: If I were a guy for a day, I’d definitely take advantage of not having to care about what I’m wearing or how my hair looks!

Sara C- Fordham: I would totally have fun going Number One. I’d probably set up an obstacle course to see how far and how accurately I could pee. You gotta take the new ride for a spin, am I right?

Donnette – Manhattaville College: I would hang out with all my guy friends and find out what they really think of the girls they know.

Thu – USC: Go to the beach barechested. I wonder how awkward that would feel…

Lauren – University of Michigan: I know it’s weird, but I kinda wanna see what sex is like from a male perspective. And get a job and get paid more for equal work.

Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: I would sit around with guys, drink a beer, and see what they reallyyyy talk about.

Kari – FSU: I would eat WHATEVER I wanted, watch SportsCenter to see if the fascination is biological, see how long it took me to get drunk and then proceed to pee in various outdoor locations.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I would start up another conversation with another guy…see how they really talk without girls around.

Noa – CU Boulder: I wanna sit down with the guys and give them a few hints on the correct ways to treat a girl.

Danielle – Boston University: I would buy a big bouquet of flowers and give them out to cute girls on the street. I would soooo appreciate if a guy did that for me!

S.E. – Fordham: If I were a guy for a day I’d want someone to kick me in the balls. I want to see what all the fuss is about. It can’t hurt that bad right?

Carly – Grinnell: I’d want to kiss a girl just to see if it feels any differently from the other side.

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