Weekly Wrap Up: College is About Learning

tired_baby-whew.jpgThis week was full of important lessons, realizations, revelations, and interesting facts that I will probably never have to know, but am sure glad I do.

I realized I’m not the only one who gets turned on during a hot and heavy work out sesh; I’ve always wondered what it’s like to pee like man, and now I can; I learned how to do my own bikini wax, properly pluck my eyebrows, and how to really lay one on my crush and know he loved it.

I learned it was National Condom Week (I didn’t even know that existed); women aren’t crazy, men really are jerks; I learned that if I run into my ex, kicking him in his special spot is not the best idea; neither is hooking up with someone your friend’s hooked up with (though that one I kind of already knew).

I was sad to learn that the Prince of Pop is losing his palace; and I learned what drinks I can have that won’t send my calorie count through the roof.

I guess the saying is true, you learn something new everyday.

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