Beachwear For The Not-So-Beach Bod


If you’re like me, no matter how much time you spend in the gym, there are some body parts you’d rather not flaunt. But with spring break coming up, there’s absolutely no reason for you to hit the beach or pools without feeling fabulous. Never to fear ladies; I’ve dug around for some hot ideas for you to look and feel your best, no matter what body type you have.

If you’re worried about:

Hips & Thighs

This is the one I worry about. My usual remedy for this is board shorts. They look cute and easy, and are a great accessory for a bikini. No one has to know you’re wearing em to cover up a few imperfections.

board1.jpg board2.jpg board3.jpg

TIP: Get a fixed waistband board short, not an elastic band. Fixed waistbands are smoother and give you a more streamlined look, so your stomach ends up looking ab-fab. Stay away from gathered or anything elastic; it makes you look bulky, which sorta defeats the purpose, no?


Personally, I feel there’s nothing wrong with a one-piece, especially if it’s done well. Here is where rouching is your friend. It distracts the eye, and it disguises that mini beer belly wonderfully. I love this first one because it’s very classically sexy.

one piece  tankini  1piece.jpg

TIP: If you want the coverage of a one piece, but the playfulness of a bikini, swimwear designers answered our prayers with the tankini.

Large Chest

Another one of my worries. The best thing for girls who need a bit more support without looking dowdy is the ever-amazing halter top, especially ones with broad straps. Not only do halters provide much-needed support, but the cut of a halter is very slimming. The key to looking good in anything is balance; halters make you look smaller up top so that you look proportional. Plus those suckers hold your chest in place, which is always important.

top  halter top 2  halter.jpg

TIP: Stay away from anything with the words “string” or “bandeau.” It’s just an accident waiting to happen.

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