Body Blog: Slender Zero Calorie Wine – Too Good to Be True?

wine.jpgYesterday, Slender wine, a zero calorie wine, was handed out at the Oscars in the presenter gift bags. Bottled by the Chateau Thomas Winery in Indiana, celebrities had the chance to get wasted without growing too wide for their couture dresses! The winery boasts that Slender has no sugar, no carbs and no fat and took 2 years to develop. Blogs suggest it has zero calories.

Zero calories!?

This wine sounds like a dream come true, but I just don’t understand how on earth Slender’s claims could be possible. How can there be no carbs? And no calories? (Sugar alcohol is considered a carb and is metabolized the same as a real sugar.) But the makers continue to tout the amazing benefits of Slender: it has no calories (in the sweetener), has a 0 Glycemic index, contains no carbohydrates, has the identical flavor spectrum as Sucrose (sugar), has no aftertaste, does not affect insulin levels, and has zero side effects (because it cannot be metabolized by the human body).

It is basically every college girls’ dream: the ability to drink without all those pesky calories?  And for only $10.99 on their website you can try this god-sent beverage. I wonder if this is how celebs like Lindsey Lohan continue to party and still get (frighteningly) skinnier over time…

Slender wine isn’t total perfection, however. Recent studies have shown that hard liquor, when mixed with diet beverages like Crystal Lite or Sprite Zero, cause the alcohol to be absorbed into the body much quicker than when mixed with drinks that have calories. How is Slender wine any different? Also, Slender is made with Zerose, another new artificial sweetner on the market, which is bound to cause a stir. Is it good? Is it bad? Will it kill us all?

Finally, it is well-documented that “beer bellies” aren’t caused by the calories in alcohol, but rather in the fattening foods we eat when we are drinking. If that is the case, is Slender really going to do us that much good?

What do you think about Slender? Will you try it?

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