Cute Goods For a Good Cause

befabulous.jpgI’ve always been a sucker for charities. I will adopt children world wide for the price of a cup of coffee, I empty my spare change into those little cans that sit on counter tops, and I clean out my closets every spring for goodwill. But sometimes, just sometimes (Yikes, I feel a little guilty even admitting this), I eye a cute pair of earrings and wonder if the kids can wait until my next paycheck.

Of course the warm fuzzy feeling I get after I write a check out to the ASPCA is way better than a selfish purchase, but if I happened to get a bangle bracelet or maybe a new pair of shoes at the same time? Well, then maybe my soul woudn’t feel all weird every time I buy something for myself instead of saving humanity.

Thank God someone finally realized that in our failing economy we can’t all be Angelina Jolie. We can’t always afford to look chic and also cure cancer, save the dolphins and fund inner city schools. And those free sponsor t-shirts just don’t seem to be cutting it anymore. Something has to give and, sadly, more often than not, people go for the goods instead of the doing-good.

But fear not; now you can have your cake and eat it too! (Mmmm, cake!) Below are five companies that feature awesome clothing and accessories that can save the world as well as your conscience. Instead of a free (useless) gift with purchase, its like a free karmic bonus with purchase. Buy something cute and start saving the world!

Pono: Pono means righteousness in Hawaiian so it is not surprising that they have launched their “Give Love, Practice Peace” campaign: a line of eco-friendly accessories made for women of any age, size or income level, designed on behalf of a cause. They also see a percentage of profits from sales go to a named charity; so far The Climate Project, Give A Girl a Chance, and the National Resources Defense Council have benefited from Pono.

Yellow Bird Project is A Montreal based non-profit initiative who collaborates with musicians (Rilo Kiley, New Pornographers, and Clap your Hands Say Yeah, just to name a few) in designing T-shirts to sell for charity. They print and sell all t-shirts on their website where all profits go to the artist’s charity of choice.

2 Love is a lifestyle brand featuring celebrity-designed products that celebrate love while championing good causes with a portion of all proceeds. Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Emily Osment and Monique Coleman have all helped spread the love with their designs.

Just Be offers graphic tees not meant to inspire…but to just be. The tees allow people to express how they feel or how they would like to feel. The company is built around an online community for people to share how they Just Be. Whether its natural, fabulous, green, or kissable, these t-shirts are meant to show the world that its terrific being just who you are.

Tom’s Shoes shows that changing a life begins in one single step. They offer super cute flats that come in almost every print imaginable and even sell vegan boots. Because One pair sold = One pair donated, Tom’s shoes has already donated 10,000 pairs of shoes to children in Argentina as well as 50,000 pairs to children in South Africa and continue to do so everyday.

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