Gossip Girl and More! My FAVE New Blog Trend.


I would now like to share with you one of my favorite blogs. It’s very simple, nothing fancy, but somehow it manages to be the most awesome thing every Monday. This magical, mysterious blog?


Guess what it’s about? Yep, that’s it! That’s literally it. Is Gossip Girl a new episode tonight? A one word answer, yes or no, and you can continue planning your Monday night. Go ahead – check it out. I know, it’s not THAT hard to find this info out yourself, but come on, who wants to navigate the CW website and get attacked by terrifying new-90210 ads? Not I, that’s for damn sure. It’s handy, it’s clear,  it serves its purpose and nothing more. Love. It.

This delightful informative blog is not alone in it’s single-minded practicality. Oh no, check out Doineedanumbrella.com for all your immediate weather needs. And, while not exactly surprising anymore, these are still AWESOME to look at, when spirits are low: isobamapresident.com, and equally enjoyable, ismccainpresident.com.

Some may say they’re silly; I say they’re brilliant! They’re the answers to questions you silently ask yourself every morning, while you decide exactly how much effort you’re going to put into finding the answer. Maybe I love this trend because it facilitates my laziness, but you know what I say to that?  WHATEVS. (Yes, I am too lazy to say the whole word.)

This seems to be hot right now, so I’m sure you all have more that I haven’t heard of yet! Let me know, would you? My bookmarks are waiting….

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