The Morning After Recap: The Oscars

We college girls love our morning-after recaps: reviewing the highs and lows (or extreme lows…like slipping on dirty bathroom puddles and falling to the ground) with our closest friends. We laugh, we look at pictures, we wipe last night’s mascara off our faces.

This morning, after a night filled with glamorous Oscar parties, I have to wonder if the celebs are doing the same. Is Kate Winslet sitting in bed flipping through all those selfies she took with her Oscar? Is Dev Patel sipping coffee with Frieda Pinto laughing about that awkward conversation she had with Sean Penn? Is Sophia Loren regretting all that Botox she injected in the limo ride over to the show?

And what do you think Hugh Jackman is up to? (Note: We imagine it doesn’t involve a shirt. Mmmm.)

The Oscars definitely lived up to (and exceeded) all expectations last night. The Judd Apatow short was hilarious, the musical numbers were entertaining (even if Beyonce didn’t really sing), and the surprises were endless. I mean, who knew Anne Hathaway could sing? We were thrilled for all of the winners…and even more thrilled that Angelina Jolie got knocked off her pedestal a bit by our BFF, Kate Winslet.

All in all, we were thoroughly entertained. We just want to know: what did you think? What were your favorite parts of the evening? What could you do without? Let’s recap it together in the comments section below!

Candy Dish: We’re Going Oscar Crazy
Candy Dish: We’re Going Oscar Crazy
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