Candy Dish: Obama Speaks to Congress. Interrupts My Shows.

You miss Obama’s speech last night? Well here you go…

Top 10 ways to ensure you won’t get a job…

Another plane crash? WTF? I’m never flying again!

Octomom was offered $1 million to do a porno…would you watch? Ew.

Solving the accidental butt-crack show when you bend over in your fav jeans…

Beware AT&T users: Do NOT answer calls from area code 809!

Dying 9-year-old’s last wish is to get married…so she did. Kinda.

I don’t know how I feel about these new Vera Wang shades. What do you think?


Evan Rachel Wood is back with Manson. Why?


Candy Dish: Who You Calling a Nerd?
Candy Dish: Who You Calling a Nerd?
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