Central Perk-y Boobs

Ever since I started watching “Friends,” I always wanted a cute little coffee shop I could go to with my girlfriends, have a great cup of coffee and just chat. But Maine’s latest coffee shop gives a whole new meaning to “Central Perk.”

The planning board in Vassalboro, ME recently approved a topless coffee shop. And by topless, I don’t mean you will be sipping your mocha in a roofless establishment. By topless, I mean your helpful baristas and waitresses will indeed be topless. As in, without tops.

Yes, boobs out.

I’m all for doing what you gotta do to make money, but not when it involves nipples near my non-fat, no whip cappuccino. And isn’t there a health code against that? If you have to have your hands washed and hair covered while handling food, I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have your hoo-ha’s flopping around… and getting dangerously close to extremely hot liquids!

The shop does not allow anyone under 18 inside, and there is no touching or cameras. Also, they only accept cash (although you don’t have to stuff it in their aprons).

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely questioning what kind of milk they are putting in the lattes.

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