The 5 Questions We Ask Everyone: Jodi Picoult

If it’s one thing we’ve learned here at CC, it’s that all people are fascinating (Yes, even your econ professor). Let’s face it – people love to glimpse into the lives of other people. Disagree? Then please explain why you’re currently looking at your friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s cousin’s photos on Facebook. Or reading about the latest Madonna/Jesus dramz in this week’s tabloids. Yeah we thought so.Fact is we connect to others by learning about them. And everyone has something to share (even if it is a story about that time you stayed in the library for 18 hours straight…)

So to give you yet another reason to procrastinate, we started ‘The Five Questions We Ask Everyone’ (and five just for that one person) because we know whether we’re schmoozing with an A- list celeb or your local bartender, you’ll be equally entertained. 

Let’s be honest here: who hasn’t read at least one Jodi Picoult book? Most of us, in fact, grab ’em and read ’em as soon as they hit bookstore shelves. Picoult has a knack for writing that most authors dream about. Her combination of research and talent come together seamlessly in books that are impossible to put down: My Sister’s Keeper, The Pact, Salem Falls… and those are only a few of the 15 books she’s written.

Jodi Picoult is smart (Princeton for undergrad and Harvard for her masters!), she’s talented (Um, have you read her books?!) and we got to talk to her! Read on to get inside our favorite author’s head.

5 Questions We Ask Everyone:

1.    What is your favorite college memory/the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

I was the only girl on the men’s crew team.  I had just joined up – and was not feeling particularly beloved by the guys – when the coach of the women’s team asked me to be a coxswain for the day.  It went HORRIBLY and I was in tears when I got out of the crew shell.  The stroke of the women’s boat started screaming at me.  Well, suddenly, the guys swarmed around the girl who was yelling at me.  They told her she better apologize to me, or they’d make life hell for her at the boathouse.  It was the first time I really felt like I totally belonged.

2.    What are the five things you can’t live without

My husband, my three kids (do they count as one?), chocolate, my Blackberry, Ouidad Climate Control for hair.

3.    What’s your motto/advice you live by?

Why do it when you can overdo it?

4.    Your favorite song to belt out in the car/for karaoke?

Right now, “I’m Yours,” by Jason Mraz.

5.    Ten years from now you will be….

Changing the world one mind at a time, just like I’m doing now.

5 Questions Just for Jodi:

1.    Where do you get the inspiration/ideas for your books?

From what-if questions to which I don’t know the answers.

2.   What do you do to get over writer’s block?

I don’t believe in writer’s block – it’s for people who have too much time on their hands.  When I started writing I had a newborn, and then two more kids quickly, and I wrote in any five minute block I had.  There are days you don’t write pure poetry, but you can always go back and edit a bad page…not a blank page.

3.    Which of your books would you like to see made into a movie first and who do you see starring in it?

“My Sister’s Keeper” is coming out June 26 starring Abigail Breslin and Cameron Diaz.

4.    How did you break into writing?

It’s really difficult – I sent out hundreds of letters to agents who rejected me before finding one who thought she could represent me.  She sold my first book in three months.

5    Favorite snacks to munch on when you are busy writing?

I am a sucker for Chex Mix.



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