“Would You Rather…” Wednesdays

Wednesdays are rough. Sure, you are halfway through the week, but you still have two more loooong days before the weekend. Barf.

You aren’t alone; we can barely keep our eyes open right now, and we’ve already had an extra large Red Bull today. Maybe we shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night watching Obama speak and then all the angry Obama-haters react. Who are we kidding? Of course we should have!

Anyways, in order to get you through the hardest day of the week (after Monday or hungover-as-hell Sunday, that is), we thought we’d play a little game of “Would You Rather?” Because what is more fun than pondering life’s most random conundrums?

So, here we go. Choose your answer and explain why in the comments section below!

Would you rather never have a bad hair day, or be allowed one do-over when you screw up while trying to pick up men/women?

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No, we did not think of these ourselves – we aren’t that sick. All questions come from our friends Justin Hiemberg and David Gomberg, creators of the Would You Rather…? series.  

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