Love Em or Hate Em: Huaraches

huarches.jpgMy family used to go down to Florida every December to visit my snow-bird grandparents. We would stay at a hotel near their retirement village and spend our days swimming in their (un-heated) swimming pool with all the other grandkids while the old folks sat in the shade playing Bridge.

And that is where I had my first encounter with Huaraches. They were the trendiest and most-worn sandal on the pool deck. All the grandparents were wearing ’em.

How they became the biggest trend for Spring shoes for the under 75 crowd, I’ll never know. Fashion is always surprising me.

They look really comfortable, but cute? I think not.

But whether I like it or not, this shoe is leaving Boca and making its way into the closets of fashionistas nationwide.

So I have to know:

Huaraches: Love Em or Hate Em?

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