Why Men Need You To Groom Them


[The following post is courtesy of our homegirls over at YourTango. Well, their male perspective. They’ve been through it all and know just about everything about love, so we thought we’d bring their expertise to you. Enjoy!]  

Women, take note: when the appearance of men’s toenails suggest that we are either vying for a Guinness World Record—or preparing for an underground cage fighting match—feel free to mention that they’ve gotten a tad long. We don’t mind.

In fact, shame might be the only way for us to remember to clean ourselves up.

Hygiene is not something we consciously avoid—it’s just one of the many stumbling blocks in life. In fact, we may not even be aware that we’re the guy who everyone thinks smells like wet dog. But if your man is great at shaving and rinsing, you’ll find an off-hand compliment from the woman in his life is often the reason.

Case in point: I have a spot on my neck that I’m sure to shave because a girl told me that she always noticed I missed that area. Mind you, that was 13 years ago: I was in the 11th grade. And so today, my neck is patch-free because of a girl I never even dated. Imagine the influence you currently wield.

It can be as easy as introducing a grooming product. Sean, an entrepreneur from Seattle, started using aftershave when his wife presented him with a bottle and suggested he try it.

“She just told me she liked how it smells. I’ve been using it for years now,” says Sean, who never would have tried it on his own, but now applies it as liberally as an 8th grader with his first bottle of Drakkar Noir.

Men are also conditioned to listen to the women in our family. Read: Mothers and sisters should help a brother out.

For Jonathan, a literary agent in New York City, his sister explained the facts of grooming while they were growing up.

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